Calculating and Interpreting Standard Error of Measurement

Please research a reliable online resource that will help your classmates understand any one of the complexprinciples of Chapter 2 or 3 from your text. These include:Measurement ScalesDifferentiation between Norm-Referenced and Criterion-Referenced InstrumentsFrequency DistributionsThree Measures of Central TendencyCalculate Variance and Standard DeviationInterpreting Percentile ScoresDistinguishing among z scores, T scores and StaninesUnderstanding the different methods for gathering a Normative SampleDescription of What a Reliability Coefficient Means using Classical Test TheoryUnderstanding the Statistical Technique of CorrelationExplain the Advantages and Limitation of the major types of Reliability Coefficients (test-retest, parallel forms,internal consistency)Evaluating Reliability CoefficientsCalculating and Interpreting Standard Error of MeasurementDescribing Generalizability TheoryUnderstanding that Instruments Developed with Item Response Theory Calculate Reliability DifferentlyTo help your classmates better understand the concept you are presenting:

The online resource with a description of the reliable site you are posting and a brief explanation of theconcept that you are presenting to the class.2What information in the site might help a helping professional comprehend the assessment principle? Didthey give an easier way to understand it by example? What example? Did they provide common sensereasons why we need to know it? What was helpful?You are required to articulate informed answers based on careful reading of the assigned materials. Please citeat least one reference. Use APA style for all your references and citations.Textbook: Whiston, S.C. (2017). Principles & Applications of Assessment in Counseling, 5th ed. CengageLearning. Belmont, CA ISBN-10: 1305271483; ISBN-13: 978-1305271487

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Calculating and Interpreting Standard Error of Measurement


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