Capital funding and allocation

Some big challenges for corporations globally have been the optimal capital funding and allocation, changingtax structures and increased global threats. As a future business professional in companies having orconsidering international operations you will need to understand these challenges and their impact in the valueof industries and specific firms. That knowledge will allow you to navigate easier these areas and contribute infinding better solutions in managing these issues.What are you going to do?How have companies managed the increased demands for capital in recent times? Search for articles thatdiscuss funding experiences in the equity and debt markets and summarize your findings.How are corporations dealing with changing trade related laws and regulations e.g. tariffs, taxes and othertrade restrictions? Look for recent articles at financial periodicals that discuss this issue and provide a briefsummary of your findings.Are companies managing to maintain internal controls as they face increased risks from global threats suchas cybersecurity breaches and fraud in today’s remote working environments? Search for articles in financialperiodicals that provide evidence for these issues and summarize your findings.List your resource(s) and include one lesson learned that can be useful in the future.

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Capital funding and allocation


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