he main names that come up when discussing “hard bop” are Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Horace Silver, Cannonball Adderley, Jimmy Smith, Wes Montgomery and Clifford Brown…to name just a few. Your assignment is to go to ( and type one of these artists’ names into their “create a new station” box. The first song will probably be one by that particular artist, but then it will start to give you similar artists and their tunes and biographies. Listen to at least four songs and list the tune and artist for each. As the artist’s song is playing their biography information is displayed. (The “menu” button under the song’s window will give it to you.) Hopefully, you will be reading these bios as you listen. Pick one of those other artists and their bio. Tell your fellow classmates (and me) about this artist and what about that song or artist in general that made you choose him/her.

This should be around 150 words or so. (List tunes and artists; give details about one; tell us why you liked it.)

Remember “web etiquette” and USE REAL SENTENCES!!!! This is still a writing requirement assignment….No text shorthand, use capitalization when appropriate etc.
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