Case Study: Workers at Amazon are Not Feeling Motivated

CASE STUDY: Workers at Amazon are Not Feeling MotivatedWhile Amazon has become the undisputed giant of the e-commerce world, its growth has come at the expenseof employee motivation. Poor working conditions in its fulfillment centers suggest an imminent employeemorale crisis. Amazon now faces difficult decisions about balancing the needs of its workers with its mandateto deliver growth and profits to shareholders. This activity is important because it illustrates such tradeoffs,which are common in both large and small companies.The goal of this exercise is for you to consider options that Amazon might have to address employeemotivation and morale in a number of critical areas.Read about Amazon’s working conditions and employee morale crisis. Then, using the three-step problemsolving approach, answer the questions that follow.Across the globe at over 175 fulfillment centers, more than 125,000 workers frantically “pick, pack, and shipmillions of customer orders to the tune of millions of items per year.”1 Amazon’s innovations, likefree 2-day shipping for Prime members, dash buttons, and in-home delivery, have made the retail giant astandout in customer service. The company has consistently received award-winning customer satisfactionratings.2 Amazon became the most valuable public company and second largest e-commerce company in theworld in 2019 by being hyper-focused on customer experiences.3

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