Characteristics of Effective College

Who was your favorite psychology instructor in college? What did you like about him or her? Did your favorite psychology instructor present the material in an interesting and exciting way? Maybe he or she made you feel that you mattered as an individual. Maybe you found the assignments to be engaging and enjoyable. It is likely that you have a variety of reasons for identifying that instructor as your favorite. It is also likely that those reasons describe several characteristics that deem your favorite instructor an effective instructor. For this Discussion, . Search the Walden Library for article(s) on characteristics of effective college instructors and consider why these characteristics contribute to effectiveness. Next, select three of the characteristics researched in the article(s) that you feel are essential for effective psychology instruction. Then search the Walden Library for one article on strategies for developing the characteristics you selected. If you are unable to find an article that describes a strategy for your characteristics, then think of strategies that might be effective in developing those characteristics. Finally, reflect on whether an instructor can be effective without possessing the characteristics you selected.

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Characteristics of Effective College

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