CMN 650 Third Paper

I need an explanation for this Communications question to help me study. Part I. The ’60s: “Titticut Follies” (on Kanopy, via UNH Library website) 1) Write a review of the film 2) Director, Frederick Wiseman has referred to Cinema Verite as “a pompous French term that has absolutely no meaning…” What does Cinema Verite mean; How was it used in filmmaking; What technological advancements took place which ushered in the ability to shoot films in this style? And finally, why does Wiseman think this about Cinema Verite? 
Part II. The ’70s “Hearts & Minds” (Links to an external site.)“Harlan County, USA”On YouTube (Links to an external site.) Segment(s) shown in class last week: “Why Vietnam?”Why Vietnam? (Links to an external site.) Video of Eisenhower’s “Military-Industrial Complex” speech (Links to an external site.) Full text of Eisenhower’s speech (Links to an external site.) 1) Write reviews of “Harlan County…
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