Communications and workplace practices

For the paper, you need to compare and contrast the communications and workplace practices that you have already identified via research that takes place in your country of choice – with those in the US. That is one part of the assignment. You are also expected to make appropriate connections between these practices to established communications theory. For example, if you have identified that China as a collectivistic country (theory) engages in certain communications practices (you will need to describe these); describe how these practices are similar or different from communication behaviors that take place in the US.

Another example, thinking about Switzerland, some practices that you may discuss theory and that is top of mind would be the concept of time orientation and its relation to punctuality in meeting and negotiations. Also, you may compare how power distance affects both countries in their communication practices or even the role of women in business.

The paper is not meant to be a superficial analysis, but instead, it’s expected to be a deeper type of report where you are making connections to communications theory and using at least four academic references to achieve this objective.

CITE: Alexandra, K. (1998). Passport: Singapore. San Rafael: World Trade Press.

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Communications and workplace practices

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