Community as client in relation to program planning

The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of community as client in relation to programplanning using the nursing process, with exploration of applicable determinants of health in a CanadianIndigenous outlying community. You must demonstrate a clear understanding of the community,identify the priority nursing diagnosis, and create a comprehensive program to address this need.You must use literature that is current and scholarly to support your ideas. Do not describe theliterature.Sample Case:You are a newly graduated nurse that is responsible for setting up one program that willbenefit the residents of the outlying community described below. The community is 120km south of the nearest city and is home to 195 people of primarily First Nation and Metisheritage. The community has limited amenities. Homes do not have indoor plumbing andrequire water to be transported by truck. There is a school that houses grades K-9, amunicipal office, police station, and health clinic. The store has closed down, but there is anairstrip. There is a junkyard in town where children often play. As per the census last year,the unemployment rate is 43%

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Community as client in relation to program planning

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