Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering

Aim To learn concepts of the design process and its application to the design of system components, sub-assemblies and assemblies. In specific, to design machine elements such as shafts, gears, bearings, clutches, belt drives, brakes and springs.Learning Outcomes The learning outcomes of this coursework are:• Apply the formal design process to the design of simple engineering systems.• Design of shaft considering bending, torsion, axial and combined loading.• Design the power transmission gears and solve design problems related to gear tooth force, generated in shaft supported bearings.• Select rolling-element bearings from manufacturer’s catalogues for various applications.• Design of a specific practical application utilizing few of the above machine elements.

TaskIndividual specification of a gear train shown in Figure 1 will be given to each student. Based on the given specification, students should perform the following activities:• Manual design calculation of each machine element using necessary equations and selection of standard parts;• Students may consider reasonable assumptions besides the given specification wherever necessary;• Besides the main machine elements, accessories such as spacers, bolts, housing, etc. may be included;• Make sketches that shows free body diagrams, forces, stresses, etc;• Make a report (with a word limit of 2000) and upload through NU-CoE Learn online-link that will be provided;

Figure 1 Gear Train

Marking schemeComponent Description Weightage (%)1 Design methodology 202 Design calculations and selection of standard parts 303 Sketches/ diagrams 204 Results of the design calculation 205 Report writing, organizing and Harvard- CCE referencing 10Total 100


Plagiarism is a serious offence. In case of any plagiarism detected, penalty will be imposed leading to zero mark. Policy and guidelines for dealing with plagiarism and malpractice in examination can be viewed by clicking: work and reports should be solved by the individual student.Students should access all online teaching materials which are uploaded on the blackboard in order to perform the course work as per the teaching schedule.Course work report should be typed using MS Office or hand written and scanned.The completed course work report is to be submitted online in NU-CoE Learn on or before the deadline.Course work should be submitted on time. College guidelines on late submission of coursework can be viewed by clicking:


Harvard Referencing (CCE Style) First Edition 2013 should be followed for both in-text and listing references. This downloadable document can be found in our NU-CoE Learn portal at:

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Fasil Gessesew Beyene Date: 27th September 2020

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Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering

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