concert report-The Live Experience

Attend a musical performance and write a summary of your experience, as indicated below in “What to Look For at the Concerts.” If you turn in an optional concert critique, you will be awarded up to 10 bonus points, depending on the quality, organization, and content of your writing. Likewise, you will receive up to 10 more extra points if the second report is submitted. For the most mileage, make sure at least one of the concerts are by professionals playing music in the cultures we are studying (either traditional or contemporary Western European music).
In your report, be sure to note whether the music was in a concert or a cultural setting, and whether it was contemporary or traditional world music. Was it pure or cross-cultural? Include a description of the environment you saw it in. Was there something you learned about the culture from the performance or the performer(s)? Be prepared to bring a notebook and pen to write down information from the concert. Remember to include the following details:
1.Date of concert.
2.Name of non-Western European Concert or Event attended.
3.Place of concert.
4.Type of concert.
5.The name(s) of performer(s), or group(s).
6.Title of the compositions and dances (if included).
7.Description of any visual effects (i.e., movement, dance, costumes, stage scenery, director, narrator, and so forth).
8.Culture of the music and/or dance (include any historical considerations you can give, based on research, conversations with performers, or concert program, if any).
9.Description of music using specific musical terms (i.e., melody, harmony, rhythm, texture/instrumentation, dynamics, timbre, and form).
10.Why did you choose this concert? What did you like or dislike about this concert and its environment?
11.Choose one composition that you enjoyed the best and explain why (please add the title, composer, instruments/timbre, form, tempo, and anything else that may have added to your musical experience).
12.Carefully read through the list of what to look for below and make any additional observations.
Before attending each concert, you may want to look up information on the composer(s), performers, styles, and pieces ahead of time if you know about them. You can look these up on the Internet or in other reference sources (including later lessons of this course).

What to Look For at the Concerts

Review the items below ahead of time, perhaps even bringing them with you! While it is important to be supportive of the performers and allow yourself to continue to simply enjoy the music, some added levels of appreciation and sensitivity can make your experience richer. Here are some things to consider and comment on in your paper. They will help you be more specific about your reactions.

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concert report-The Live Experience

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