Corporate Strategy

Business Plan: This 8-12 minute video / presentation should review your performance to date, discuss your plans for the future, and make a compelling case to venture capitalists to invest in your business. This will be completed simultaneously with Quarter 4 decisions. You must submit a youtube link to your video and your slides via blackboard. I recommend that you make a screencast of a powerpoint presentation, although you are free to use a different format if you prefer. Imagine that the audience of this video is possible investors. You’ll need to be very thorough in a short amount of time to convince investors they should bite. The Business Plan should include the following components:

Review of financial and market performance during the past year: how is your company doing? Use data to support your assertions. I recommend presenting your performance via the balanced score card you created, as well as supplementary data if appropriate.A SWOT analysis for your firm: Evaluate your strategies within the context of the competitive environment and your internal resources and capabilities. What do you do well? What do you do poorly?Analysis of the market and competition: how do you stack up compared to the other players?Strategic and tactical plans: Restate your strategy statement. This may have changed since Q1, or may still be the same.) What are your tactical plans for the next 2 quarters, and how do your tactical plans for the next 2 quarters (that is, your specific plans in marketing, sales, HR, manufacturing and finance) relate to your strategy? You will need to prepare pro forma financial statements for the coming quarters. The simulation walks you through how to do this. I will check to make sure you’ve prepared these projections with reasonable assumptions.Financial request and proposed stock price / returns: Remember you are making this video for potential investors. This is your only chance to ask for extra cash. How much money do you ask for, at what stock price, and what return will this represent for your investors? This template will help you to determine the return for your investors.

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Corporate Strategy

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