create your budget, you must use the website

create your budget, you must use the website

American Government I – Week #2 Assignment

Federal Budget Activity

This week we learned about how laws get made by the legislative branch of our government. One of the biggest laws that regularly gets made by Congress is the Federal Budget.. The Federal Budget is a law that spells out how the government will spend its money. This is a huge power that Congress has that is often called, “The Power of the Purse.” If the

Congress doesn’t give the government money to do something in the Budget, the government won’t have the resources do what it might want to do.

Part 1 – Create Your Budget

To create your budget, you must use the website: The Debt Fixer

Note: if the CRFB Debt Fixer website is not working, you may use the Federal Balancing Act: An Interactive Budget Simulation website in its place. You are still required to turn in screenshots of your choices.

Once you are at The Debt Fixer website and ready to begin click the “next” button. (Use the images below to help you navigate the site.)

Begin to make your budget selections by selecting various check boxes. Click the “i” icon next to each line item if you want more information about any particular budget line item.

Once you have sufficiently addressed each of the specific budget line items and arrived at the tab labeled “results,” click the printer icon beneath the text that says “Print and follow the on- screen instructions detailing how to export your results as a .pdf document.
create your budget, you must use the website



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