Creating and Reviewing Resumes

The resume that job applicants include in their application can open the door to the next steps of the hiring process. Resumes can also be the reason candidates do not get an interview. When searching for a job, resumes are one of the ways a candidate can make a positive first impression. How do you create a resume that will make a good impression on HR professionals? What do HR professionals look for in resumes?

For this Discussion, you will identify a healthcare job opportunity and create a resume tailored to that opportunity. You will share the job description and resume with your colleagues. Then, you will take on the role of an HR professional and review your colleagues’ resumes and provide them feedback on how to improve their resume and make a positive first impression.To prepare for this Discussion:Review this week’s Learning Resources paying special attention to those that discuss creating and reviewing resumes.Review the media Good Samaritan Hospital Organizational Chart—Week 3: Getting What You Need: Recruitment, Interviewing, and Selection Process found in this week’s Learning Resources.Identify a healthcare job opportunity of interest to you and save it. You may find one published on the website of one of your local healthcare organizations or posted on or You may also choose one of the job descriptions you used in Week 2.Create a resume tailored to this job description.

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Creating and Reviewing Resumes

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