Culture & Compliance in project management

I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation. VersionOne, a vendor of tools used to help manage projects which use agile methodologies, has published its State of Agile Report for ten years. Among the questions included in the survey used to create the report is one that asks respondents to identify causes of failure for agile projects. In Version One’s 11th State of Agile Report, the leading cause (identified by 63% of respondents) is “company philosophy or culture at odds with core agile values”. This was the same leading cause cited in the 10th report, but only 46% of respondents listed it. The increase to 63% is significant, and should raise additional concerns about having a culture which supports agile approaches. In this exercise, students will leverage the knowledge about the philosophy behind agile project management, its principles, best practices and methodologies gained from their experience in the…
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