Cyber-Infrastructure Connections and Smart Gird Security

Please focus on the following area , mainly on Smart Grid Security. Cyber attacks make the vital transportation, energy, communication, water and environmental infrastructure services particularly vulnerable. This threat is underscored by the increasing use of IT and the Internet in infrastructure control systems that also include insecure legacy sub-systems. New innovations such as the smart grid that are making the use of renewable resources possible are increasing the need to integrate corporate IT and the Internet with infrastructure control. This research tries to identify critical connections between cyber systems and vital infrastructure systems worldwide that are most likely to threaten social and economic security. The research is based on two thrusts: understanding the infrastructure, interconnections, and interfaces with cyber control; and understanding the potential vulnerabilities in that control and the impacts of successful attacks on the infrastructure. 2. Attached file will give you the format instructions 3. Please follow the instruction file attached too. 4. Please include one figure/graph related to the research.

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Cyber-Infrastructure Connections and Smart Gird Security

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