Dance Historical Fiction

Create and craft a narrative of historical fiction linked within the lineage of modern dance, during the timeperiod of 1890s to 1950s.The ‘fiction’ aspect will be your main character – this is to be a manufactured identity constructed to fit yournarrative.The ‘historical’ aspect will be all of the primary events of your narrative.You are encouraged to think of this assignment as “a day in the life” (or generally, a period of time in the life).And, you may find it easiest to create a main character who is a Dancer, with the unfolding narrative articulating

the dancer’s struggles and triumphs navigating an episode in their dance career.This said, you have some flexibility in choosing the character, narrative, and frame of this project.To go about this writing, choose:Choose the (real) Modern artist & historical events you will reference. You may choose more than one but don’tmake this too complicated on yourself!Choose the frame of your story: a Conversation, Gossip Column in the newspaper Society pages, a Letter, a

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Dance Historical Fiction


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