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NW Kent Group of Medical Practice operates three medical Centres in rural Kent –Kirkwood Medical Centre, Broadleaf Medical Centre, and Sycamore Medical Centre.Each medical centre has over 5,000 patients with Broadleaf being the largest with9,500 patients. You are employed as the Practice Manager for the NW Kent Groupof Medical Practice and as such attends the monthly management meetings of thepartners.The NW Kent Group of Medical Practice is a partnership comprising of four doctors.Two of the partners practice medicine at Broadleaf Medical Centre, whileKirkwood and Sycamore Medical Centre has one partner each. At their last monthlymeeting, the partners at NW Kent Group of Medical Practice expressed a desire toinvestigate an increase in the number of patients’ complaints levied against NWKent Group of Medical Practice. You were asked to investigate the three medicalcentres to determine which of the three medical centres, if any, can be used as amodel for the others. The results of which is hoped to be used to make positivechanges within NW Kent Group of Medical Practice.To achieve this, you used a questionnaire to collect data during the two monthsending August 2020. You also received data regarding complaints made by patientsfrom each of the three medical centres.TaskExamine the tables of data for the three medical centres. This data appears on theVLE in the folder marked “ASSIGNMENT – NW Kent Group of Medical PracticeDATA.”The two data files consist of:

Medical Centre Data – Complaints Received. A spreadsheet that shows thenumber of complaints received at each medical centre.Medical Centre Data – Patient Survey Results. A spreadsheet showingdetails from Patient Surveys run across the three medical centres taken inJuly and August 2020.You need to examine this data and then create a small data portfolio (no morethan 1,000 words) that explains which medical centre you would recommend to bethe model medical centre, and areas of best practice that can be used inredesigning the business model for NW Kent Group of Medical Practice.Using the data, create a briefing document that explains which medical centre isyour preferred choice.4 | P a g e You will want to think about the different things that you have learned onthe module. Look back at different topics that you have covered andconsider how you might apply those ideas to the data. Write the briefing document as though you are addressing the four partners: Dr James Dawkins Dr Michelle Francis Dr Stephen Greaves Dr Chloe Jackson You may use visual methods, such as creating graphs, charts or putting thedata into different tables, to help to demonstrate your findings if you wishto (you may earn additional marks for use of tables, graphs and charts but itis possible to pass the assignment without doing so).

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