Developing Successful Strategic Partnerships With Universities

Look the article up through the libraryArticle notes must be a minimum of 250-words in length (not including your name, my name, and articlecitation)Include the article citation at the top.Article notes are similar to an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography outlines the article andincludes a narrative of the key points and/or frameworks presented in the article.It is expected that your notes are professionally formatted.These assignments ensure that you are engaging with the course material and probing the articles to get asmuch out of them as possible. Be sure that you are pulling out the key points and frameworks within eacharticle. You may also include your own thoughts or questions to raise in discussion at the end of the article (sothere is no excuse for missing the minimum of 250-words).Are your article notes good? When you are finished ask yourself whether you could stand up and lead adiscussion on the article using only your notes… could you do it three months after initially reading the article?If you have just a collection of bullet points with no connecting narrative, then your article notes are not going tomake any sense to you later less have three part interduction, detel for this article and in my opinion.

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Developing Successful Strategic Partnerships With Universities

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