development of the disorder in small children

 development of the disorder in small children

although it had been in existence previously. During tha
Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses multiple personality disorder. This kind of disorder was described successfully in the 19th century, although it had been in existence previously. During that time, many of the people who had the disorder faced imprisonment and stigmatization and were subjected to poor treatment because only few people knew the disorder’s basis. However, intensive research on the disorder’s potential causes led to a better understanding of the features that define the disorder before the conclusion of the 19th century (Kluft, 2003). Moreover, this allowed the development of effective therapies for addressing the disorders and helping patients. In the modern-day, patients with multiple personality disorders receive specialized therapy and are not perceived as mentally possessed individuals (American Psychiatric Association., & American Psychiatric Association, 2013).

There is evidence suggesting that multiple personality disorder begins during childhood, at the specified age of 4. However, about seven years may lapse before the exhibited symptoms are confirmed to be multiple personality disorder. According to the existing statistics, many of the diagnosed individuals with multiple personality disorders usually begin to exhibit the symptoms between 20 to 40. However, this does not rule out the development of the disorder in small children if exposed to the conditions highlighted above (Kluft, 2003).&nbsp.

Research has identified that there are multiple symptoms exhibited by patients with multiple personality disorder. As highlighted above, one of the common symptoms is the existence or the development of alter personalities. This happens when an individual takes action out a different personality but can do it perfectly to the point that resembles reality. Alter personalities develop when one chooses to be detached from a certain situation and assume the role of maybe an observer or a third party individual. A classic example is the case of a girl facing multiple challenges in her childhood. one of the outstanding challenges is that she faces sexual abuse. Her exposure to a wide range of challenges with intense severity may compel her to develop multiple personality disorder. The numbers of additional personalities that may manifest as alter personalities have been described to range from a minimum of 2 to as many as 100. According to existing data, the average number of alter personalities in patients with this disorder is 15.
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