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Company of my choice: JPMorgan Chase PerformanceJPMorgan Chase is a financial institution with a very long history. Being a publicly traded firm, it is easy to research the company’s strength and weaknesses. The net profit margin, is the net income divided by total revenue, and represents how much each dollar generates in profit. Net profit margin can be expressed as a percentage or even represented in decimal form. When looking at JPMorgan Chase, we will notice that the net profit margin is 29.46% compared to the industry average of 20.11%. This indicates that the company is operating at a great profit and is above average. ActivityThe ability of a company to collect loans is measured by receivable turnover ratio. The higher s ratio is, the more it indicates that the company efficiently collects it outstanding receivables. Turnover ratio for JPM Chase was 3.83 which is again above industry average. FinancingTotal…
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