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Engage with issues of technology and diversity in American cultureTo recognize an author’s engagement with rhetorical strategyTo practice analyzing and synthesizing informationTo practice writing a clear and accurate summary and analysisTo become familiar with memo genre conventionsTo practice constructing effective sentences (Chapter 10)To practice revising for concision and clarityInstructionsYou will be writing a memo as if you are an employee of a start-up company that is about to undergo a rapidexpansion. You have received a memo from your company president asking for recommendations about howto increase diversity as the company recruits new employees.https://app.box.com/s/hlgdsdaj1l96nm1831v536tctcf7mx17iNova Profile (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.https://app.box.com/s/f0a26fophxlh5d84a4ygwmr5lqzhpl33You must cite a minimum of 3 sources in your memo. Carefully read each article (take notes, capture specificquotes or information) and prepare a memo that engages with the content of the articles. Your memo should betwo to three (2-3) pages in length, should provide evidence to support your recommendation from the chosenarticles, demonstrate an understanding of the rhetorical strategies used by each author, and use these sourcesto connect the specific recommendations to broader issues Though incorporating multiple articles, the memoshould demonstrate a synthesis of the information contained in the articles.As you read the articles, identify questions or gaps in your understanding of the issue. Is there information youwould like to know that is not included in the article? Are there opposing views? These questions will help youfind your additional article. Spend 15-20 minutes searching for answers to those questions or additionalinformation that will help you form your response. If the article cites outside sources, start there! As you go,take notes, and keep track of your sources.Your memo should include a clear statement of purpose and use both headings and bullets to increase itsreadability. You may use whatever headings/subheadings you feel appropriate.Your memo must contain 2-3 specific recommendations for policies or practices that your company shouldadopt in order to increase diversity in the workplace and retain employees from a variety of backgrounds.Support these recommendations using citations from the articles and other research that you carry out.Consider possible counter arguments and address potential problems (with solutions). Your recommendationshould use multiple sources and arguments to support your recommendation.Things to keep in mind as you draft your memo:Follow appropriate memo conventions as discussed in class. Be sure to include general headings with aspecific, pertinent subject line and a clear statement of purpose introducing the report and its sections. Addressyour memo to Alan Smithee, CEO of iNova.Remember that in order to write a coherent summary you must understand the content of the original sourceand be able to identify the main points and evidence for or illustrations of those points. Take careful notes.Provide specific evidence to support any claims you make. Be thoughtful in your analysis. Cite your sourcesusing APA format.Use bullets and/or numbers as appropriate to convey information to your audience.You should maintain a formal tone in your memo, but can use first person as necessary. Avoid “you” andconsider whether your word configurations weaken your claims (I feel, I believe, etc.).Be sure to cite any information you quote or paraphrase and include a references list at the end of your memo(it does not need to be a separate page). Use APA citations for both in-text citations and the references list.

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