Drug legalization of psychoactive substances in the United States.

Discussion reply: AmandaMany different substances are considered psychoactive substances. For example, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine,marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine are all considered psychoactive substances. Some are legal- suchas alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine- and some are not- such as heroine, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Certainones should be legalized such as caffeine and nicotine, but other should not be such as the ones considered“street drugs”. Working in the law enforcement profession I get a first hand look at what these substances do tothe mind and body, including alcohol. Some of the people I come into contact with are permanently alteredbecause of the substances that have used, or have developed other health issues stemming from their druguse. Alcohol has many consequences as well, especially when someone becomes alcohol-dependent.Discussion post reply 2: JosefI would not change anything on the drug legalization system. However, you could argue to legalize marijuana.

It is already legalized for medical treatment. Examples for diseases it is used for are multiple sclerosis, spinalcord injury, or arthritis. The main purpose of its use is the pain relief and the decrease of the severity ofsymptoms. If marijuana was legalized then there would need to be a certain age limit that it can be consumedby. The brain is fully developed by the age of 23 to 25 which means this would be an age range which could bea potential age limit for its use in order to not stop the development of the brain. Other than this psychoactivedrug I would not legalize any other drug that is not proven to be safe for humans or proven to be beneficial inmedical treatment. The problem with legalizing psychoactive drugs is that the access is much easier and thevolume of production will increase in order to make more profit out of it. This means that even youngergenerations might have easier access to those drugs due to fake ideas, lack of controls, or just parents nothiding the drugs.

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Drug legalization of psychoactive substances in the United States.

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