Economics Exam

Economics Exam

Suppose government drops 10 billion dollars from helicopter on selected states in the U.S., is this an act of a Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, both or none? Explain.If inflation is a macroeconomic problem, implementing a deflationary economic policy should be desirable. Agree / Disagree. Explain.Downward movement on any Aggregate Demand (AD) curves will increase Nominal Output which leads to Economic Growth. True / False? ExplainAre “ Buy American” provisions good for

(a) The U. S. consumers?

(b) The U.S. Producers?

(c) Both, the Consumers and Producers?


Problem 10, Page45Problem 10, Page 71.Problem 12, Page 90Problem 7, Page 108Problem 07, Page 151.Problem 04, Page 170.Problem 09, Page 191.Problem 05, Page 213.Problem 09, Page 213.Problem 7, Page 233.Problem 06, Page 253.Problem 09, Page 269.Problem 03, Page 285.
Economics Exam


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