English…. Due Tomorrow…. Please Read First!!!

English…. Due Tomorrow…. Please Read First!!!

this assignment is due tomorrow……if you bid and assigned you will have done by tomorrow……no late!!!!!

please do the following:

Visit the website –> http://www.vintageadbrowser.com/

Select a vintage advertisement that you would like to analyze for this discussion. It can be any of the advertisements available at this website.

In at least 250 words, write a paragraph or two that answers all or most of the following questions. DO NOT number and answer the questions in your response. Instead, use the answers to your questions to develop one or more cohesive paragraphs.

Does it represent an actual person or place?

Is it a combination of the two?

If there are people represented, who are they?

Who is the intended audience for the image?

What emotions does the image convey?

Overall, is it serious, sad, funny?

Is the expression of emotion intentional?

What emotional associations do you make of the image?

If the image contains more than one element, what is the most prominent element in the composition?

A particular section?

A logo?

A section of writing?

A person or group of people?

A product?

What do each of the parts contribute to the whole?

How does the layout of the image lead your eye?

Are you drawn to any specific part?

What is the order in which you look at the various parts?

Does any particular section immediately jump out?

Does the image include text?

If so, how do the image and the text relate to one another?

Does the image call for a response?

What claims does it make?
English…. Due Tomorrow…. Please Read First!!!


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