enhancing math performance in usa schools.

enhancing math performance in usa schools.

submit a paper on the effect of cognitively guided instruction for math in enhancing math performance in usa schools. According to the National Center for Improving Student Learning & Achievement (NCISLA), Cognitively Guided Instruction is focused on the development of students’ mathematical thinking, the instructions that influence the mathematical thinking and the knowledge and beliefs of the teachers that influences the instructional practices applicable (Carpenter et al., 2000). Therefore, the research will mainly focus on the suitability of the instructional practices applied under the Cognitively Guided Instruction and how they are suitably placed on developing the way students think mathematically. Also, the ease and effectiveness with which the teachers apply the instructional practices required under the Cognitively Guided Instruction will be a subject for study, to determine how effective the model is, not only in assisting the students but also in motivating the teachers.

The effectiveness of the Cognitively Guided Instruction for Math is a problem worth investigating. because math is one of the most poorly performed subjects in the USA. According to a NAEP 2011 report, 60% of eighth-graders had a score of below proficient in math. Additionally, when assessed against students from 27 developed countries in 2012, USA students ranked position 25 (Npr.org., 2013). Further statistics have also indicated that among the USA students, 7% have a mathematical disability. In comparison, 10% more have demonstrated consistent low achievement in math, even though such students are proficient in other subjects (Geary, 2011). Therefore, the results of such researches have indicated that a low level of intelligence does not cause the problem of low math performance among the USA students. 40% of the students in the USA have demonstrated poor performance that is only specific to mathematics, most especially arising from the delays in learning the mathematical procedures (Geary, 2011).

In this respect, interventions that target the cognitive aspect of mathematics in USA students can be highly effective in assisting the students to overcome their weakness in math performance. This is simply because the low achievement in mathematics has been attributed to the instructional methodologies applied in teaching math in the USA, as opposed to the inability of the students to perform adequately in this subject.&nbsp.

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