Etihad Airways

Choose any company from the real World: Etihad AirwaysIdentify the problem/challenge/issue: competitive advantage of Etihad airwaysAbility of Etihad Airways to provide a stable increase in profits. It can be a certain resolution of the problem orevolution of good practice over the period of time in the company.What is the causes of the competitive advantage: identify why Etihad airways is performing better or worsethan other? What is the competitive advantages over the rivals? What rivals do better then Etihad?In which market Etihad is performing good and what market should Etihad grow more or Enhanceperformance?How Etihad meets customer satisfaction?What is Etihad marketing mix, market analysis (strategy) and brand reputation?Include SWOT analysis?4- What is the financial performance of Etihad? Compere profitability and cost between 2017 and 2019.What strategy Etihad are using to make profit?Examine cause-and-effect relations: Try to explain why the problem occurred and which actions led to thereason for this problem or how Etihad has achieved competitive advantage.

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Etihad Airways

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