Evaluate and Critique the Resource Based View of the Firm

written essay to evaluate and critique the Resource based view of the firm. The essay should demonstrate your understanding of the conceptual framework and how the framework might be applied in real life cases. Further, you are expected to critique and discuss the pros and cons of adopting such a framework in the strategic analysis of an organisation as supported by relevant literature and illustrative cases.

Guidance Notes:

Coherent of essay structure and clarity in the overall presentation of the argument,

as well as the appropriate use of literature and cases to support your argument, is


Format You should ensure that your submission is in either Microsoft Word, PDF or Excel where specifically instructed by your tutor e.g. accounting modules. Failure to submit in either one of these formats will result in a mark of 0 being awarded for the particular assessment. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the file format is correct and it can be opened by the receiving party.
Evaluate and Critique the Resource Based View of the Firm


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