Evaluating Andragogy

Evaluating Andragogy

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The term was coined and first used by Alexander Kapp in 1833 in his book, Platon’s Erziehungslehre (Plato’s Educational Ideas). Even after Kapp introduced the word Andragogy, it took sometime before use because adult education was conducted at the time without any specific name given to it. however, Germany started establishing theories on adult education in the 1920s and the term was resurrected. Lindeman was the first person to introduce the term in the USA after he travelled to Germany and engaged with the Workers Education Movement in 1926. He clearly identified the term as a reference to the methods used for teaching adults. However, this term was not used widely until years later (Fidishun, n.d.). The term also appeared in Britain in 1964 as introduced by Simpson in 1964 and promoted by Knowles between 1964 to 1980. from that period onwards, authors and scholars began using the term extensively in books and scholarly material (Knowles, Holton III & Swanson, 1998).

The underlying philosophy directing andragogy was self-directed learning as clearly outlined by Knowles (1975). He outlined nine tenets under the philosophy that was meant to help adult learners be able to direct themselves towards learning. The philosophy is to encourage learners to achieve learning on their own and only seek a little help from tutors (Roessger, 2012).

For andragogy to work, it was imperative that forms of teaching be established different from the other forms of learning to enable adults to learn. This is because adults have many responsibilities that give them little time to attend classes or learn during the day in classes like other forms of learning. This is why technology has been of importance in andragogy for instance through online learning (Fidishun, n.d.). Therefore, it was imperative that andragogy be&nbsp.designed in a way that allows adults to learn during the time that they can get.&nbsp.
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