Evaluating Assessments

During this process assessments are evaluated based on the answer key to establish a score and then is compared to the assessment cut-score to determine if a candidate receives certification (or recertification) or not. The candidates are then alerted of their performance and receive associated documentation. Finally performance parameters are analyzed from all previous steps to develop the scored care for the certification program. This tool will be utilized by management to grade the performance of the process and determine next steps to ensure goals and needs are met.

Key drivers for this process are the assessments gathered from the previous step as without it there would be no evaluation and it is crucial to the output of this process: certification. Among the certification (or recertification) letters other outputs include: rejection letter or decertification letter (for those who fail to get recertified), designations for successful applicants and the scorecard or dashboard of process performance. Some pivotal factors at play here are how long the assessments take to be evaluated and how long until candidates receive their scores along with the associated documentation (letters and designations). These are key in determining perception of the process by the professional community and help increase retention within the system.

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Evaluating Assessments

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