Evolution for Everyone by David Wilson

Ater reading the first 3 chapters of Evolution for Everyone by David Wilson

Answer each question. Minimum 10 sentences each.Explain the chapter title “The Future Can Differ from the Past.”

[What you should be doing here is saying how you think the title fits the chapter, showing that you have read it.]

Then say what you think Wilson means. Why is it important to him that “the future can differ from the past”? What past is he talking about?

2.Why does Wilson say that the situation he describes in chapter 1 is “worse than you probably think” (1)? What situation? Do you agree? I mean, how bad did you think “the situation” was?

According to Wilson, contemporary U.S. universities are Balkanized “Ivory Archipelagoes.” ( 2).

What does he mean?How does this “Balkanization” affect the practice of science?

Have you encountered any evidence of “Balkinization” in your academic studies? Explain.

Changing Attitudes

The date of publication of Evolution for Everyone is 2007, 13 years ago. The Slate magazine article “Evolution is Finally Winning Out Over Creationism” shows that attitudes now are starting to change. How and why? Quote from the text to support your points.

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Evolution for Everyone by David Wilson

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