Execution phase of a project

During the execution phase of a project, efficient management of the associated tasks, quality, cost, and delivery are key to reach the business objectives set. However, these elements usually clash. The project manager plays is charged with finding the required balance among them. In order to analyze how this balance is achieved in a large business, you are asked to read the case full-text Success through managing quality, safety, customer service and cost: A Walkers case study (http://businesscasestudies.co.uk/walkers/success-through-managing-quality-safety-customer-service-and-cost/introduction.html#axzz3j011Sinn) and be sure to address the following:

Specify how each is measured

Identify at least one key goal and one direct/indirect measure for each of the following elements: quality, delivery, and cost

Choose a rank of priority for the goals identified and justify why this approach is the best to respond to the success of the business

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Execution phase of a project

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