experiencing a trend of rapid growth and development

experiencing a trend of rapid growth and development

Despite the rapid growth of the video gaming industry, it also faces numerous challenges. It should be noted that customers now demand the creation of video games which have more sophisticated story lines and graphic improvements. This has resulted to higher production costs as well as longer production time. On the other hand, the average commercial life of a video game has significantly dropped to less than one year. With the increasing competition among industry players, companies are launching new strategies to attract clients. For instance, Double Fusion has launched a new technology which allows them to sell custom programs to advertisers (Hyman, 2006).

The in-game advertising market is presently experiencing a trend of rapid growth and development. With the success of the pioneers in the industry like Massive Incorporated, more and more players opt to break in the sector. In the current circle of players, companies are leveraging on their different capabilities to provide a differentiated product.

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