Exploration of factors that lead us to help

Consider our exploration of factors that lead us to help, as well as those that direct us to helping certain people over others that we discussed this past week. To prepare for this discussion, find a spot in a public place that has lots of people. For example, a bench at a park, the food court at your local mall, etc. Make sure you select somewhere busy where you are likely to see numerous encounters among strangers. Now, for 30-60 minutes, observe carefully the interactions you see around you, making note of any helping/positive behaviors (holding the door open for someone, letting someone go ahead in line, helping someone pick up something they dropped, waving or smiling in greeting, etc.). When you see someone engaging in helping behavior, note as many details as you can about all of those involved in the exchange. Age, race, attractiveness, clothing, type of help, nature of the exchange, etc. Take some time to reflect on patterns you noted in your observations.

Now, respond to the following in your discussion:

What patterns did you find, if any, in your observations?Did they fit with the theory and research we discussed this week?If so, how so? If not, why not?

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Exploration of factors that lead us to help


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