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As promised, here is a written version of the assignment that is due at the beginning of class this Tuesday, January 15, 2019.  I have also included a few more thoughts on criteria for evaluation a new opportunity.In a few paragraphs, describe (1) the problem that you want to solve and (2) the solution that forms the basis of your start-up idea.  Then you need to evaluate your idea by answering Sequoia Capital’s “Why Now?” question and using one of the three tools that we discussed on Thursday.  As a reminder, the tools are SWOT analysis, the VOS indicator and OUTSIDE-IMPACTS.  You will find an Excel template on Blackboard under Unit 1 (Week 1) for both SWOT and the VOS indicator.  Feel free to use them, or not, as you see fit.You can hand in a hard copy of your written analysis or send me an email with your work…
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