Financial Accounting Analysis

Envisioning a new plan, program, or initiative that has the potential to benefit a community, city, state, or nation is relatively easy. The most difficult aspect of embarking on this journey is determining how to finance this inspired plan, program, or initiative. Locating appropriate funding sources is a large task made more difficult by each funding sources’ specific rules and regulations governing the use and distribution of funds. It is a tremendous challenge to be sure, but not an insurmountable one.

explore the financial needs and possible funding sources associated with implementing your selected public health solution. You also consider funding challenges and strategies related to addressing those challenges.

• Analyze budget line items, costs, sources of revenue, and deficits • Analyze the fiscal soundness and long-term viability of a selected public health initiative • Analyze the relationship between public health expenditures and public health outcomes • Analyze expenditure and revenues associated with public health initiatives

Sample Solution

Financial Accounting Analysis

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