Food report for wine and culinary course

In this report, first provide an overview of the Okanagan as a culinary Tourism destination, and the variousaspects of what makes it successful, or not. Then Pick a signature food (i.e. Carmelis Goat Cheese) or farm-totable restaurant of the Okanagan (i.e Raudz, not Earls.) Then write a brief report explaining why you considerthis a signature food, as well as include some history, information about contemporary production andconsumption, locations for production, sale, consumption, and the food’s role in reinforcing and sustainingcultural identity for the region.No more than 5 pages double spaced: Photos can be included and not part of the page count. Cite sourcesusing APA methodology. This must be a PDF. This is Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font.Ensure that you have 15 terms/concepts from the course used. For each term, please define in your ownwords as a footnote.

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Food report for wine and culinary course

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