“FOREVER NEW” product review

Choose, winter jacket company “FOREVER NEW”, one specific product to write. you can find them on the website (https://www.forevernew.com.au/womens-jackets-coats)

totally follow the instruction, guidelines and assessment rubric. Textbooks and the company’s official website are requiring references. other references must be peer view which can research from google scholar. The structure of your essay should be similar to sample but not copied, the sample is not perfect so you must do something better, which means you must support your STP strongly and detailly. before you start you must read all document I upload carefully! APA format is important! MUST ARGUE IN AUSTRALIA MARKET!!! share my inquiry to the writers I’m waiting for your feedback. please send me massages I can not answer the phone in hours.

Sample Solution
“FOREVER NEW” product review

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