Fortune 500 company

Throughout the course, you have used the annual report from a Fortune 500 company to apply financial accounting concepts, including analysis of income statements and balance sheets, to evaluate the profitability and overall financial position of the company. For this assignment, consider the research and analysis from prior assignments and apply the “Conceptual Framework for Managerial Costing,” as discussed in the topic materials. Follow the process outlined in the “Where to Start” section of this topic resource. Assume the company is considering making a change, such as adding a new product or entering new markets. Your task is to determine what the “change” could be and the steps that would need to be taken in the decision-making process. In a 250-500 word memo to the chief operating officer (COO) of the company, address the following. Summarize the proposed change the company is considering. Discuss the specific information that must be collected to perform the analysis on the proposed change. Discuss the scope of the analysis and what parameters will be used to determine whether the proposed change should be made.

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Fortune 500 company

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