Globalization and hip-hop

For this 4 – 6 page paper, you will select and investigate an artist, (or an element of Hip Hop culture) that is currently in global circulation. Keep in mind the question of “voice” and whether or not this artist is providing a voice that otherwise is not or has not been heard. You should be able to discuss the ways this artist performs for profit, for community, and/or for personal revelation.

You should also explore in what ways the artist / subject provides exposure to any of the four traditional elements [Break Dancing, Rapping (EmCeeing), Graffiti art, and DJing or turntablism] or one of the related aspects of Hip Hop Culture [Beatboxing, mashups and beat production, fashion, Slang, or Street Entrepreneurialism] etc.

Be sure to include:1.The scope and global reach of the artist / subject.2.A discussion of the path taken by the artist to become known worldwide.3.The interconnections between global capitalism and the rise of the artist/subject.4.The relationship of the artist / subject to U.S. Hip Hop culture.5.Whether or not you feel that they are representing a voice otherwise unheard.6.Background to your first exposure to artist / subject.

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