Hallucinogen & Cultures

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8-10 Pages recommended length. Double spaced, typed/printed, legible font. Hard copy requested. Citation format may be MLA, APA, or any clear & consistent format. Due Dec. 4th. You will be submitting online through Canvas (DOC, PDF, or RTF). Cover page, bibliography.

You will only be allowed to resubmit the paper once if you make some mistake with submission. It will be checked for plagiarism through TurnItIn.

For your term paper, as a topic, you should choose either a plant/substance (it is acceptable to do your term paper on a synthetic substance not of biological origin) and focus on that, or on a more general topic, such as “the use of hallucinogens in religious movements,” “hallucinogens and the origins of religion,” “drug interdiction policy and hallucinogens,” “the use of psychotropics in psychotherapy,” etc., etc. So your term paper could be on ayahuasca/DMT, bufo toads/bufotenine, a synthetic (MDMA, katamine, etc.), or on a general topic covering hallucinogens. Discuss cultural, medical, religious, therapeutic, recreational, and other uses of the substance; also discovery, historical usage, isolation of active ingredients, etc. This paper is a formal essay and should have a cover page and bibliography, containing at least 3 academic sources, other than your textbook or lectures. Do not cite 3 Wikipedia articles (only) unless you want to fail. Use a consistent referencing format that is clear, style is up to you. It will be evaluated for both content and mechanics. 10 pts for mechanics, 40 for content, 50 points total.

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