Health Issue Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography assignment requires you to work individually to develop three written annotated bibliographies. Then, you will work with a team in order to research and summarize evidence-based information, creating a summary or overview of the topic so that, as a team, you can develop a screen recorded visual presentation that includes an evidence-based recommended course of action related to your health topic. The intent is to inform and highlight one particular topic, such as area of a health disparity, or other issue pertaining to population health. You will need to include how social determinants of health affect this issue and include your proposals for solution. This assignment requires that you apply your intellectual skills: concise description of the material as it relates to your health issue, succinct analysis, and informed library research. (Core Objectives: Critical Thinking, Communication, Empirical and Quantitative, and Teamwork Skills.) An annotated bibliography requires you to find a source of evidence-based information (journal article, book or public health document) and write a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph (annotation). Upon identification of your team health issue or topic, each team member will be responsible for development of three annotations. • WHAT is the health issue or topic? (i.e., condition or disease or issue) • WHY is it important? • WHO does the health issue affect? People/population/problem (What are the characteristics of the population? • o  Comparisons (What is the alternative to the intervention? How is this health issue addressed? What measures are in place to PREVENT worsening of the health issue?)  Outcomes (What are the relevant outcomes of this health issue? i.e., morbidity, death, complications)  HOW will your proposed solution make a difference?

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Health Issue Annotated Bibliography

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