Health Promotion and Education Presentation

Create a comprehensive health promotion and education plan for a specifiedpopulation health concern. This plan will be delivered in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that you willpresent to the class, the course professor, and a Case/Care Management professional of your choice. Thepresentation to the class and professor will be done in Adobe Meeting Room and will be scheduled by yourcourse professor. You will be responsible for arranging the presentation with the Case/Care Managementprofessional and turning this feedback form verifying this presentation was completed.Scenario:nurses on the best practices for creation of a comprehensive health promotion and education plan. Thepresentation of your plan should be no more than fifteen (15) minutes in length.Assignment Instructions:Choose a Population Health concern (consider the data you reviewed in Unit 8 and/or do a search for yourlocal population health data to determine an appropriate disease/health concern to focus on). Examplesinclude: COPD, CHF, Depression, Anxiety, Obesity, and Diabetes.Include the following in your PowerPoint presentation:Introduction: Self-introduction (1 slide)Description of Population Health Concern (1-2 slides)Justification for specific Population Concern (1 slide)Important Facts to Know about chosen Population Health Concern (2 slides)What Needs to be Included in the Health Promotion/Education Plan (1 slide)Population Health Model of Choice (1 slide)Change Theory Chosen for Health Promotion/Education Plan (1 slide)Structure of Plan (1-2 slides)How is This a Holistic Plan: client-focused, cultural considerations (1 slide)How will this Plan Improve Population Health (1 slide)What are your Educational Outcomes (1 slide)Evaluation – How Will You Measure Success of the Plan (1 slide)

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Health Promotion and Education Presentation


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