How a marketer put his insight and emotion into action

Read Chapter 5 as attached and identify 4 facts >> 4 insights >> 4 emotional opportunities >> 4 implications that you believe are most important.FACT: THIS COMES STRAIGHT FROM THE TEXTBOOK. Display your knowledge – what is the fact?INSIGHT: THIS MAY OR MAY NOT COME FROM TEXTBOOK. What this means for the consumer and/or a brand;A deep, often intuitive understanding of what is going on; INSIGHTS should connect head and heart knowledge – information + inspiration. Too often, information just describes facts with no clear path of what to do with it. But deep insights reveal behaviors or phenomena and point to solutions or ideas. Insights should be specific, reasonable and connected to the corresponding facts!! Address ‘emotional opportunities’ that emerge from your insights (emotional opportunities: How might a marketer leverage the insight to connect emotionally with consumers? What SPECIFIC EMOTION might they tap into; a specific emotion should be stated for each insight – see the Emotion Wheel)

IMPLICATION: How might a marketer put this insight and emotion into action? How an insight can be used for a specific brand to increase consumer behavior?Implications should be for specific brands. This can either be something that a brand is actually doing – or – it can be a creative idea that you develop for a specific brand.

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How a marketer put his insight and emotion into action

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