how do the symptoms change your life?

I WILL LIST A SITE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS TOPIC – ( PLEASE USE COLLEGE DEATAILED SENTENCES AND PSYCHOLOGY TERMS.) PLEASE WRITE AS IF YOU ARE THE PERSON WITH THIS DISORDER AND DESCRIBE AS IF YOU WERE TALKING with a psychologist. TOPIC –Major Depressive Disorder Objectives: The purpose of this exercise is to acquaint you with the specifics of a certain psychological disorder in order to help you understand the disorder better. Your task will be to explore and then write a creative essay about the disorder you choose to research. Find additional material on the Web about the disorder. Some possible sites are listed below. If you find other sites, be sure to cite it properly. These are some helpful websites you may use. You may also go online and find other sources. Psychological Disorders Homepage TASK Write an essay (4-5 pages, NOT including your…
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