Humint operation proposal.

Develop an HUMINT operation proposal, develop a mission statement for the operation, list out the objectives of the operation, identify the organizations that will be involved in the HUMINT operation (which would typically be CIA–supported by NSA or NGA or DIA).

(3 pages) Section 1 – Topic Discussion and Background

You will be writing a HUMINT proposal to counter all aspects of Russia’s foreign policy toward Egypt. Your HUMINT proposal may include covert operations (political action, propaganda and information operations, economic action, paramilitary operations, security operations supporting police and the military, diplomatic operations, etc.) and MUST include collection operations against potential Russian targets (Russian trade offices, Russian travel and airlines, Russian shipping, Russian news media, Russian diplomatic missions (consulates, embassies, legations), Russian businesses, Russian military personnel, terrorist groups supported by Russia,and potential allies of Russia (former closely aligned Bloc states). The object is to reduce or eliminate Russian influence in Egyptian affairs (economics, politics, legislation, policy making, security, trade, tourism, and social development).Review historical background and pertinent intelligence issues that relate to the problem.Briefly describe how Human Intelligence is likely to offer an effective solution to the problem.

Sample Solution
Humint operation proposal.


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