Identifying Discourse Conventions and the Role of Genre in Discourse.

You will write an essay in which you discuss and analyze the linguistic, stylistic, and genre conventions of your chosen discourse community. To complete this project, you will address the following questions:

How do members of this discourse community interact and communicate with each other in writing? What evidence can you see that supports your answer?What questions or conversations are members of this discourse community currently engaged in? Do most of the participants follow the conventions of the community? What evidence supports your observation? Are their outliers? If so, how do you know and where to do you see outliers within the community?How do topics circulate within the community? Have you observed any topics circulating outside the community or shifting from one medium to another (e.g., from online discourse to written articles, visuals, and/or virtual meetings)?Focus on a topic and explain how circulates. What are the differences in genre and conventions? What does this circulation tell you about the discourse community itself?Start by explaining what are political risks and what are economic risks of operating in an international market? Then, choose an organization operating internationally. How should the firm’s management approach these kinds of risks?

Sample Solution
Identifying Discourse Conventions and the Role of Genre in Discourse.

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