Impact of sustainability on corporate financial performance

You should answer the following question:What is the potential impact of sustainability on corporate financial performance?To understand the possible impact of sustainability on the financial performance, you will need to perform the following: A. Read and summarize at least 5 academic papers about the above topic; B. Find and present a real-life company operating in the UAE, which discloses sustainability-related activities and analyze their impact on its financial performance; and C. Come up with your own conclusion. D. The structure of your submitted assignment will be as follows: 1. Introduction (7, page) 2. Definition and forms of sustainability in relation to financial management (1 page) 3. Description of a UAE firm that engages in sustainability-related activities and of the activities themselves (1 page) 4. Analysis of how these sustainability activities are expected to affect the firm’s corporate performance (2 pages) 5. Conclusion regarding the importance of sustainability for the firm’s performance ( Yx page)

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Impact of sustainability on corporate financial performance


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