Impeachment Trial

Evaluate what you believe the outcome of the trial should have been. Please explain your answer and give support and/ or examples.What do you believe that U.S. Senators should take into account when voting?Should they ‘vote their conscience’ as someone put into office to represent the people?orShould U.S. Senators simply vote in the way that is popular for the area they represent?This week deals with public opinion. Do you believe the recent political events of this year had an impact on public opinion? Do you believe this will be short-term or long-term? If so, explain in what way. If not, then explain why not.Assignment-

Reflect upon your own process of political socialization and agents of socialization in your life. Write a paper that addresses all of the following:

What agents have been most influential in shaping your core political beliefs and specific attitudes regarding politics and the appropriate size and role of government? You must state at least one agent.What agents do you feel have had less impact on you and why? You must state at least one agent.Do you believe that you are now or will be an agent of political socialization for someone else or part of that process? How do you believe you will influence?

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Impeachment Trial