improve communication and interrelation issues in the workplace

improve communication and interrelation issues in the workplace

occupational psychologist Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The cases that a psychologist addresses are bullying of the cultures and religions that a not so dominant in the workplace. This normally leads to low self-esteem and eventually affects the performance of those particular employees (Guest 2004, p 542).

Innovation is also a problem that has to be addressed as it has involved the computes doing the work of people. This has at times resulted in the loose of jobs to some of the employees. However, innovation is something that ought to be embraced as it helps people work at a faster rate, and to some, at the convenience of their own offices. This has greatly improved the quality of work that the average employee would have done, and it has also helped them accomplish more work at a shorter period of time.

Under their guidance, they help improve communication and interrelation issues in the workplace. This involves both the employer and employees. They collaborate with the human resource too in making sure that workers are placed in the areas that fit well with their skills, as well as making sure that the employee’s salaries and incentives are fair. They can either be working for an organisation, or be in private practice.

A psychologist is responsible for assessing how the workers are coping with technology. By doing so, they can recommend ways on which the employer may make the work of the employee much easier. They are also at liberty to investigate issues that may arise from badly designed machines that could be affecting an employee’s performance. This also means that they can easily assess the suitability of the work environs just to make sure that they best suit the employee (Spector 2011, p 23).

They use assessment tests and exercises to evaluate employees as well as to conduct structured interviews. Through this, they are able to identify the talents that different individuals possess and thus can help nature them.&nbsp.
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