Independent Research

For this paper, you will need to work with the following short work.— “Letter from a Region in my Mind,” by James Baldwin (Nonfiction option)

Read the text several times and make marginal comments.Then, in five pages, analyze the work using terms and concepts developed in Never Let Me Go and its nonfiction secondary texts.Your argument should put forward a novel and insightful reading of the text, and it should also cite no fewer than four outside sources. Two of these may be texts assigned in this seminar (any of the secondary essays by Mays, Eagleton, Culler, Fuchs, Robbins, etc). The other two must be sources you find on your own and should ideally be scholarly books or articles from peer- reviewed journals. Avoid online sources, and articles from the popular press. For research, you might focus on the author’s life and other works, the timeframe when their story or essay was written or published, or how professional critics have responded to this author or this story.

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Independent Research

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